Happy New Year

Phuq New Year… Phuq Christmas… The world is a dark place (AmeriKKKa, Zionism, I’m looking at you)… Not much to look forward to… Little reason to be optimistic… etc.

(ahem) And now, my predictions for 2007;

  • Satanism will be de rigeur this year (and not just in Washington D.C.)
  • The wonderful AmeriKKKan media will take a break for a few years, citing fatigue from many years of intense investigative journalism in the face of an obviously corrupt administration
  • Some humans shall rapidly evolve television sets for heads
  • Other humans shall also rapidly evolve catterpillar tracks for feet
  • Others still shall rapidly evolve into bending units
  • America shall once again embrace Isolationism (and not a moment too soon)
  • Cheney shall come out of the closet (the dirty, disgusting, greedy, grasping capitalist closet)
  • Rummy shall come out of the closet (ditto)
  • Dubya shall go into a closet (he refers to it as a closet, but in truth it’s a jail cell… poor Dubya ain’t the sharpest knife in the drawer)
  • Americans will wake up from their Big Lies

Simple as that. Now phuq off AmeriKKKan warmongers… I tire of your mendacious ways.


p.s. AmeriKKKa; Your president (small p) is an idiot who has all but destroyed your country, and it’s standing in the world. He has rubbished your institutions, and virtually destroyed your republic. Sleep well.

Ford’s gifts to the world

Gerald Ford's gift to the worldGerald “Jerry” Ford was, at least by today’s standards, a paragon of virtue and decency (well that is what we are led to believe by the mainstream media, etc.) but what were his most significant contributions to America, and the world?

  1. He pardoned Nixon. This set the stage for the Bush administration, amongst others, to quite literally get away with murder.
  2. He gave Suharto the green light to invade East Timor. This resulted in the deaths of over 200,000 civilians in order to protect American interests
  3. He unleashed hell upon future generations in the form of Dick and Don. You don’t need to look far to see the fruits of their labours.
  4. He placed an embargo upon an interview he gave to Woodward. He gave an interview in which he was highly critical of the Bush administration’s justification of the Iraq war. By placing an embargo on the interview till after he died (the interview was given around 2004) he stifled any possible debate on the subject at that time (the presidential election), and protected himself from any backlash

Thank you Gerald Ford. You were complicit in mass murder, and a coward. Still though, by today’s standards…


The Beast of Baghdad

Saddam was sentenced to death by hanging for “the killing of 148 people in the mainly Shia town of Dujail following an assassination attempt on him in 1982”. He was executed today. Unfortunately this means we’re not going to get to hear about the US and UK involvement / complicity in the far worse atrocities he committed.

I’m sure some people in Washington (cough cough Donald, Dick cough cough) and London are breathing a sigh of relief this morning. I wonder which (possibly former, or maybe even current) US puppet is next


Veni, vidi, vici


owing to difficulties, too many and varied to enumerate, I have neglected my blog. But I am back now. Now you will all die.

To begin with, check out the cover of my first album, as rendered lovingly by the skilled hands of the great architect, designer, and all-round master craftsman, Fritz Kruger. “Fritz who?” I hear you say? You may be familiar with Fritz through his nom de guerre; Nemici. He was responsible for the design, and over-seeing the construction, of the famed Ziggurat of Tuam, and, of course, the award-winning Concourse of Tubbercurry.

That a man of such high standing in the world of architecture and design, the creative arts, would deign, nay vouchsafe, to design the cover of the album of one so ignominious as I…

A noble spirit soars through the heavens today… catch a glimpse of it, and momentarily become one with the eternal.