Step Aside

Here’s an idea; let’s ignore the only candidate who actually communicates ideas that might benefit AmeriKKKa, and select instead the candidates that are the very embodiment of everything that’s wrong with AmeriKKKa. Business as usual baby!

A couple of questions;

  • Why do Americans hate so much?
  • Why are they incapable of caring for the poor, the sick, and the homeless?
  • Why do they, as a people, enjoy murdering the defenseless?
  • Why do they take pleasure in harassing the powerless?
  • Why are they all overwhelmed with the bloodlust?
  • Why are they all either economists, or sociopaths, or pornographers to a man, woman and child?
  • Why are they given to bullying?
  • Why are they all inhuman monsters?

I know your average joe is quite rough around the edges, but America is an insanely hilarious aggregation of imbecilic protoplasm. Now if only I could find the off switch…


November the 9th


So I wonder how Mr. 911 is doing in Florida tonight;

Rudy Giuliani’s hopes of becoming the next US president effectively ended tonight after exit polls showed him coming well behind rivals John McCain and Mitt Romney in the all-important Florida primary.

Good job he didn’t invest a lot of money and energy there;

No less anxious was the former New York mayor Rudolph Giuliani, who was likely to face calls to withdraw altogether if he placed poorly in the state into which he has poured almost all his energy and money in the hope of using it as a springboard for his presidential quest.

So that’s it then. The rather rotund diva has begun her musical performance. Your campaign is finally over. It’s time to take off the make-up and put that wig back in the cupboard. I’ll miss the drag, but not the nineeleventerrorists911septembertheeleventh. Bye-bye Rudolph, and thanks for all the fun memories. But it’s not all bad, of course, because now you get to concentrate on your first love (i.e. musical theatre).

Bonsoir Rudolph, bonsoir!



Senators: WH Plans To Eliminate FOIA Office

Less than a month after President Bush signed legislation overhauling the Freedom of Information Act, the measure’s main Senate backers are accusing the White House of planning to scuttle a special FOIA office in violation of the law.

An aide to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., said Office of Management and Budget officials have told committee staff that they plan in the president’s FY09 budget to park within the Justice Department all the funding authorized by the new law for a Government Information Services Office within the National Archives and Records Administration.

The office would include an ombudsman to oversee FOIA disputes across government. It is intended to push agencies to comply with the law, address FOIA backlogs and speed up resolution of FOIA requests. The office has not received any appropriations and its budget has not been set.

But by shifting the funding to the Justice Department, OMB would effectively eliminate the office, because it appears no similar operation would be created there, Leahy’s aide said. Instead, the funds apparently would go to the department’s Information Policy Office, which now oversees government FOIA compliance.

The recently enacted FOIA bill, sponsored in the Senate by Leahy and Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, deliberately located the new office outside of Justice.

National Archives officials are relatively independent of political pressure, the staffer explained, “but DOJ is different.” Government transparency advocates consider the department hostile to efforts to improve FOIA responsiveness, in part because it represents agencies sued by FOIA requesters.

In a floor speech Wednesday, Leahy called the White House’s prospective plans illegal. “Such a move is not only contrary to the express intent of the Congress, but it is also contrary to the very purpose of this legislation, to ensure the timely and fair resolution of Americans’ FOIA requests,” he said. Though creation of the office is one of a series of steps mandated by the legislation, Leahy indicated it is a key component of the bill.

Cornyn has taken the same position. “He does agree with Senator Leahy and would oppose that effort,” a Cornyn spokesman said.

An OMB spokesman said yesterday he could not comment on whether the administration has the authority to move the money to Justice, because doing so would require speculating about the budget before its Feb. 4 unveiling. “This will be answered when the budget is released,” he said.

Patrice McDermott, director of, an umbrella group for organizations advocating increased federal transparency, said the White House may say shifting the money to Justice is just a preliminary step before the office in the National Archives is set up. But even initially “putting it in DOJ would essentially obviate what Leahy and Cornyn did with the legislation,” McDermott said.

Bush signed the bill on New Year’s Eve, and its passage went relatively unnoticed at a time when the media was focused squarely on the first presidential primary contests. See reports from CongressDaily, AP and The Swamp for background on the legislation.

It’s the logic of rendition; in the Government Information Services Office current location we have little control over FOIA requests, so in order to take control we move it to a location more conducive to our intentions (some underground prison in Egypt for example… or better yet, the DOJ).


We know the State of the Union, It’s a lie.

Kucinich Starts New Impeachment Drive

Representative Dennis J. Kucinich of Ohio may get excluded from Democratic presidential debates, as he has been recently, but no one can deny him the floor in the House.

And today Mr. Kucinich took to the floor to fire off his latest salvo at the Bush administration: his plans to introduce Articles of Impeachment against President Bush on Jan. 28 — the day of Mr. Bush’s State of the Union speech.

Accusing the administration of lying about the need for the war in Iraq, Mr. Kucinich said he did not need to hear the president’s assessment. “We know the State of the Union,” he declared. “It’s a lie.”

He also fired a volley at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California who has maintained that impeaching Mr. Bush is not on the table for Congressional Democrats. “If impeachment is off the table,” Mr. Kucinich said, “truth is off the table. If truth is off the table then this body is living a lie.”

Mr. Kucinich introduced Articles of Impeachment against Vice President Dick Cheney last April and in November, with the surprise help of Republicans seeking to embarrass the Democrats, he nearly succeeded in securing an hour of debate on the House floor. House Democratic leaders blocked that, however, by referring the impeachment effort back to the Judiciary Committee.

Anti-Bush groups have been urging Mr. Kucinich to undertake an effort to impeach the president.

Get a move on you clowns! Within a year they’ll have all escaped to South America, with Hitler and various graduates of the School of the Americas, and it’ll be too late. All the same, kudos to Kucinich.


Do you have homicidal tendencies?


Holiday girls held in orphanage after mother fell ill

A mother whose two teenage daughters were placed in an orphanage when she fell ill during a post-Christmas shopping trip to New York has been told she is under investigation because her children were taken into care.

Yvonne Bray, took her daughters Gemma, 15, and Katie, 13, to New York shortly after Christmas for a shopping trip but was taken into hospital when she fell ill with pneumonia during their visit.

The girls were then told they could not wait at the hospital and as minors would have to be taken into care.

Social workers took them to a municipal orphanage in downtown Manhattan, where they were separated, strip-searched and questioned before being kept under lock and key for the next 30 hours.

The two sisters were made to shower in front of security staff and told to fill out a two-page form with questions including: “Have you ever been the victim of rape?” and “Do you have homicidal tendencies?”

One question asked “are you in a street gang?” to which Gemma replied: “I’m a member of Appledore library.”

Their clothes, money and belongings were taken and they were issued with regulation white T-shirt and jeans. Katie said: “It was like being in a little cage. I tried to go to sleep, but every time I opened my eyes, someone was looking right at me.”

Eventually Bray discharged herself, and – still dressed in hospital pyjamas – tracked down the girls.

She said: “It is absolutely horrendous that two young girls were put through an ordeal like that. They were made to answer traumatic questions about things they don’t really understand and spend over 24 hours under surveillance.”

Since returning home, Bray has received a letter from the US Administration for Children and Families, notifying her that, because the children were admitted to the orphanage, she is now “under investigation.”

This is just too insane. While reading the above I was immediately put in mind of the film Brazil (another dystopian vision of the present, or near future).

America scares the shit out of me (these days I can’t say the name without shivering).


Deus Ex Machina

From here.


A Geeky Idea

geek_tattoo.jpgWhat a fascinating article;

This is about how I spend 24 concentrated hours spread out over 4 days during Holidays to build the online service It is part of my ongoing learning process on how to run a successful web startup.

Thanks to Steve for the link.


A Completely Different Kettle Of Fish

Into the Mind of Nubian Mindz

Well I’m not going to say drum & bass is dead because there are some artists who still sell very well and dj all over the globe but jungle, it’s ideas, attitude & ethos are well and truly gone. That whole ‘black’ influence on the music from guys like Ibiza Records, Production House, (early) Formation Records, (early) Full Cycle, Tom & Jerry and Shut up and Dance has completely disappeared , unfortunately.

Ain’t it the truth. Very interesting interview (good work Aidano). I confess I’m not very familiar with this guy’s work, having long since fallen out of touch with many genres of electronic music over the last few years (what can I say… I’m old), but this guy sounds very interesting, and after reading this interview I’m going to make a real effort to get my hands on as much of his music as I can.

And by the way, just in case you don’t know who Shut Up And Dance are, check this out;

In my world Philip ‘PJ’ Johnson and Carl ‘Smiley’ Hyman inhabit the same space as Don Glenn Vliet, Antonio Hardy, Roger Keith Barrett, Aaron Freeman and Mickey Melchiondo, William Michael Griffin Jr., Mark Edward Smith, Miles Dewey Davis III, to name but a few.

Oh, how I love music.


Bobby Fischer

bobby_fischer.jpgBobby Fischer
Bobby Fischer: The greatest chess player of them all?
Chess legend Fischer dies at 64
Chess champion Bobby Fischer dies

The history of chess, as might be expected for such an intense and cerebral activity, has produced more than its fair share of eccentric characters, from the very first world champion, Wilhelm Steinitz, who spent some of his later years in a lunatic asylum, to Viktor Korchnoi, who brought a sparkle to a more recent title match by accusing his opponent of passing coded messages in yoghurt pots, but there has never been anything quite like Bobby Fischer who was, in the opinion of many, the greatest player of them all.



Two of the phuqueing funniest phuquers in the multiverse, yo!



With thanks to Aidano.


Remember him?


Remember him? Bush begins Middle East tour

The Bush legacy will not be peace in the Middle East nor an end to conflict in Iraq, but it could be a political earthquake among voters so dismayed by the mess he has made of America’s foreign policy and fearful of economic recession that they are deserting his party in droves.


Hail Caesar

Only Telling Half the Story?

An American occupation force joined by the Iraqi forth regiment raided Al-Siha district at the right side of Mosul city.

They attacked a house of a pregnant woman, started beating her harshly and she was screaming and crying from the pain, one of the Iraqi government forces his name is Caesar Saadi Al-Jibouri from Al-Qiara district asked them to stop beating the woman, the answer came through the interpreter was “we do what we want”.

The Iraqi soldier went to one of the armed vehicles and opened fire killing three Americans among them a captain and injured the interpreter.

Whatever weakness occurred to the nation, there comes a time when they will revolt against the occupation just like Caesar’ [one man] revolution, this incident must be a good breakthrough for Iraqis who have been involved in the service of the occupier.

While the Association of Muslim Scholars condemns these criminal acts of the occupation forces, AMSI shows its jubilation with the heroic act from the Iraqi soldier and asks employees of the police and army to consider his act as role model.

God bless America.


The Asshole Factor

Why didn’t the secret service goons tase the bilge? He’s obviously a terrorist.


What’s In A Name

waterfowl.jpgRecently my blog was referred to as being “cryptically and somewhat annoyingly named”. I don’t mind telling you this gave me pause (had the person who described it thus not been arguably the greatest blogger in the known, and doubtless unknown, universe I wouldn’t have thought twice about it), but I had to admit he was right. So I decided to rename it.

A number of options were suggested;

  1. The Life and Opinions Of Cannibal Jerry, Gentleman
  2. Capital 7
  3. Grooming For Fun And Profit
  4. I H8 U
  5. Donkey Rhubarb
  6. Robot Penis
  7. Bit-Fiddling
  8. “which one is the elephant?”
  9. Centuries Of Meditation

But in the end I went for a shortened version of what it was already called (also removing the typos which I’d become so fond of). Ta-Da!

Welcome to a new era of blogging. The universe will never be the same again.



Q: What is Obama’s potential Achilles heel?

NOVAK: I think the only potential Achilles heel is in a general election, if there is some racist prejudice. I’m not sure there is. He’s, as poor Joe Biden said, he’s clean. He isn’t a stereotype African-American. And I think he’s a very strong candidate.

It seems Mr. Novak would have no problem allowing Obama into his (or even the White) house. I wonder if this is the sort of change that Obama’s victory at Iowa was supposed to represent, or maybe Mr. Novak merely regards him as a house African-American

From here.


Liberal Fascism

Liberal Fascism == Fuckwad.

Just because I can. (explanation 1, explanation 2).


The Reason Is Because Corporate Greed Has Got A Stranglehold On America

I have a lot of time for this guy. And he ain’t in the pocket of big business, like some people.

Here is a transcript.

FORMER SEN. JOHN EDWARDS, D-N.C.: Thank you. Thank you.

The one thing that’s clear from the results in Iowa tonight is the status quo lost and change won.


And now we move on. We move on from Iowa to New Hampshire and to the other states to determine who’s best suited to bring about the change that this country so desperately needed.

Because what we’ve seen here in Iowa is we’ve seen two candidates who thought their money would make them inevitable. But what the Iowa caucus-goers have shown, is if you’re willing to have a little backbone, to have a little courage, to speak for the middle class, to speak for those who have no voice.


If you’re willing — if you’re willing to stand up to corporate greed, that message and the American people are unstoppable. No matter how much money is spent, no matter how much…


And we are so proud of this cause. But I want all of us to remember tonight while we’re having all these political celebrations, that just a few weeks ago in America, Nataline Sarkisian (ph), a 17- year-old girl who had a — needed a liver transplant, and whose insurance company decided they wouldn’t pay for her liver transplant operation.

EDWARDS: Finally, her nurses spoke up on her behalf. Her doctors spoke up on her behalf. Ultimately, the American people spoke up on her behalf by marching and picketing in front of her health insurance carrier.

And, finally, the insurance carrier caved in and agreed to pay for her operation. And when they notified the family just a few hours later, she died. She lost her life. Why? Why?

James Lowe was born 51 years ago in the United States of America with a severe cleft palate, which kept him from being able to speak. And he lived for 50 years in the greatest, most prosperous nation on the planet, not able to speak because he didn’t have health-care coverage and couldn’t pay for a simple operation. Why?

Doug Bishop, who’s actually behind me tonight, Doug and his family worked at the Maytag plant in Newton — Newton, Iowa. For generations, for generations, they worked. They sacrificed. They did everything you’re supposed to do in America.

And then recently, this plant closed. And the jobs went overseas. Why? The reason is because corporate greed has got a stranglehold on America. And unless and until we have a president in the proud tradition of Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, who has a little backbone, who has some strength, who has some fight, who’s willing to stand up to these people, nothing will change.

We will never have the America that all of us dream of. The promise of America, which has been available to so many of us, will not be available to our children and our grandchildren. And I take this very personally.

I watched my grandmother, who I loved dearly, work year after year after year in the mills. And we lived in the same neighborhood. She would cook for us, leave the house, walk her way to the mill, work her shift, and come back home and take care of us again.

My grandfather, who was partially paralyzed, would go to work the graveyard shift in that mill and come back in the morning, when we’d have breakfast together.

EDWARDS: My father, who’s here with me tonight, worked 36 years in the mills — hard, tedious work; hard, tedious work.

Why did he do it? Why did he struggle and sacrifice? Why did your parents and grandparents struggle and sacrifice? They did it so that you could have a better life.

My parents did it so that I could have a better life.

And we, all of us to whom the torch has been passed, we carry an enormous responsibility. And that responsibility transcends politics and transcends elections.

It’s our responsibility to ensure that we leave America better than we found it; that we give our children a better life than we’ve had.

And this is what I see in America today. I see an America where last year, the CEO of one of the largest health insurance companies in America made hundreds of millions of dollars — in one year.

I see an America where ExxonMobil’s profits were $40 billion just a couple of years ago. Record amounts — record profits.

All of that happening at the same time that this picture of America emerges. Tonight, 47 million Americans will go to bed knowing that if their child gets sick, they’ll have to go to the emergency room and beg for health care.

Tomorrow morning, women will go to their doctor and be diagnosed with breast cancer, just like Elizabeth was. But unlike Elizabeth, they’ll have no health care coverage. And as a result, they know that they can’t go to the emergency room and get chemotherapy.

What are they supposed to do? What are they supposed to do?

You can literally see the fear and terror in their eyes.

Tomorrow morning, 37 million of our own people will wake up literally worried about feeding and clothing their own children.

I went to a shelter here in Des Moines just a few weeks ago, where they took single moms with their children who had no place to live.

EDWARDS: And I said: Do you ever have to turn people away? Yes, a few months ago, they had to turn 70 to 75 families away in one month. And I said: These are moms with kids — yes — some of them with three or four children.

And I said: Well, where did they go when you sent them away? They went back to the street, back to their homes. Thirty-five million people in America went hungry last year in the richest nation on the planet.

And tonight, 200,000 men and women who wore our uniform proudly and served this country courageously as veterans will go to sleep under bridges and on grates. We’re better than this. The United States of America’s better than this.

And what happened tonight is the Iowa caucus-goers said, we want something different. We are going to stand up, we are going to rise up, we’re going to create an America that all of us believe in.

Because the truth is, when we speak up, when we speak up for James Lowe and the millions like him who live in the darkness, when we speak up against corporate greed and for the 37 million Americans who live in poverty, when we speak up for single moms who have no place to live with their children, when we speak up for hundreds of thousands of veterans who served this country proudly and are homeless with no place to live at night, when we do that together, as a nation — and Iowa caucus-goers did it tonight — when we do it, America’s a better place.

It says something about who we are. It says something about our character. Because when we do, America rises up. America becomes what it’s capable of being. And what began — and it is not over — what began tonight in the heartland of America is the Iowa caucus- goers said: Enough is enough.

We are better than this. We are going to bring the change that this country needs.

EDWARDS: And you have created and started a wave of change, a tidal wave of change that will travel from here to New Hampshire to Nevada to South Carolina, all across this country.


Because we know the torch has been passed to us. We stand proudly on the shoulders of our parents and grandparents and all those generations who came before us. And we take our responsibility seriously.

And this tidal wave of change that began tonight in Iowa and that will sweep across America, when that wave is finished, when it is done, every one of us are going to be able to look our children in the eye and say, we did what our parents did for us and what our grandparents did for us. Which is: We left America better than we found it, and we gave our children a better life than we had.

That’s what this is about. That’s what this change is about.

Continue on. This march of change continues on. God bless you. Thank you for everything you’ve done. Stay with us in this fight. We are in this fight together. Thank you.


Do yourself a favor America.



My good friend Leo asked me recently for a few political blog / blogger recommendations, and I did duly tender him with a list, but I neglected to mention one of the most important of them all; The News Blog / Steve Gilliard.

Sadly Steve passed away last June, but his legacy survives. For anyone unfamiliar but interested in the writing of a “a combative and influential blogger on the left“, a recent post on The Group News Blog (The Writings of Steve Gilliard — 101) simplifies the task of locating his work considerably.

The first comment from the above post;

Looks like I’ll be busy cruising the “Intertubes”. A PDF of all his writings would be quite a project, anybody thought of that?

That gives me an idea


Nixon In China

The Chairman Dances.