Happy New Year

Phuq New Year… Phuq Christmas… The world is a dark place (AmeriKKKa, Zionism, I’m looking at you)… Not much to look forward to… Little reason to be optimistic… etc.

(ahem) And now, my predictions for 2007;

  • Satanism will be de rigeur this year (and not just in Washington D.C.)
  • The wonderful AmeriKKKan media will take a break for a few years, citing fatigue from many years of intense investigative journalism in the face of an obviously corrupt administration
  • Some humans shall rapidly evolve television sets for heads
  • Other humans shall also rapidly evolve catterpillar tracks for feet
  • Others still shall rapidly evolve into bending units
  • America shall once again embrace Isolationism (and not a moment too soon)
  • Cheney shall come out of the closet (the dirty, disgusting, greedy, grasping capitalist closet)
  • Rummy shall come out of the closet (ditto)
  • Dubya shall go into a closet (he refers to it as a closet, but in truth it’s a jail cell… poor Dubya ain’t the sharpest knife in the drawer)
  • Americans will wake up from their Big Lies

Simple as that. Now phuq off AmeriKKKan warmongers… I tire of your mendacious ways.


p.s. AmeriKKKa; Your president (small p) is an idiot who has all but destroyed your country, and it’s standing in the world. He has rubbished your institutions, and virtually destroyed your republic. Sleep well.

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