Alain Robbe-Grillet 1922 – 2008

French writer Robbe-Grillet dies


Liberal Fascism

Liberal Fascism == Fuckwad.

Just because I can. (explanation 1, explanation 2).



My good friend Leo asked me recently for a few political blog / blogger recommendations, and I did duly tender him with a list, but I neglected to mention one of the most important of them all; The News Blog / Steve Gilliard.

Sadly Steve passed away last June, but his legacy survives. For anyone unfamiliar but interested in the writing of a “a combative and influential blogger on the left“, a recent post on The Group News Blog (The Writings of Steve Gilliard — 101) simplifies the task of locating his work considerably.

The first comment from the above post;

Looks like I’ll be busy cruising the “Intertubes”. A PDF of all his writings would be quite a project, anybody thought of that?

That gives me an idea



Robert Anton Wilson died on the 11th of January.

“Please pardon my levity, I don’t see how to take death seriously. It seems absurd.”

All Hail Eris!