We’re going the wrong way!

Oh yes.


Prelude Op.28 No.15

This is a great add. Such a great add that I, a die-hard Nintendo fan, and a staunch anti-M$ type, am inclined to buy an Xbox 360 just for Halo 3. And if you know me that’s quite an achievement on the part of the advertisement.

The music is one of my favourite pieces of music. It is one of Chopin’s Preludes. The one known as “Raindrop”.

Chopin is one of my very favourite composers.


Hail Mary


Karate Nuns


How do you guys create a song?

When Bad Interviewers Irritate Serious Musicians

What a rubbish interviewer. Obviously an American who doesn’t realise that Americans should be seen and not heard. The band should have waterboarded him for asking such inane questions.

I say he should be sent on a tour of Iraq. That’d smooth down those rough edges. Or get him killed. Whatever.


So, how do you like your eggs in the morning?

Let me count the ways…