Veni, vidi, vici


owing to difficulties, too many and varied to enumerate, I have neglected my blog. But I am back now. Now you will all die.

To begin with, check out the cover of my first album, as rendered lovingly by the skilled hands of the great architect, designer, and all-round master craftsman, Fritz Kruger. “Fritz who?” I hear you say? You may be familiar with Fritz through his nom de guerre; Nemici. He was responsible for the design, and over-seeing the construction, of the famed Ziggurat of Tuam, and, of course, the award-winning Concourse of Tubbercurry.

That a man of such high standing in the world of architecture and design, the creative arts, would deign, nay vouchsafe, to design the cover of the album of one so ignominious as I…

A noble spirit soars through the heavens today… catch a glimpse of it, and momentarily become one with the eternal.