Isambard Kingdom Brunel

Thanks to my good friend Dave for reminding me what a great comic Achewood is. With a guest appearance from the man with the greatest name in history.


Steve Gerber 1947 – 2008


The co-creator and writer of Howard the Duck died a few days ago. SamuraiFrog has an excellent tribute;

Of course, he’s best known for writing Howard the Duck, and it takes a certain kind of comic book fan (usually an older one) to understand what that means and why it’s a good thing. To anyone who hasn’t read the wonderful comic book, understood its anger and its satire and its disgust over things political and social in the 1970s, it’s just a movie that bombed. Which is wrong. It’s much, much more. Hell, when Marvel started its adults-only Max line, I thought the only reason for it to exist was for Steve Gerber to finally come in and finish Howard the Duck. Which he did. Brilliantly.



‘Tis Himself

This guy is slick.

My friend Conor saw him play in Dublin about a year or so ago. Conor bought me a few of his comics (which he was selling at the gig). I’m big into my comics (as anyone familiar with my humble blog will know) and Jeffry’s were really slick. They detailed, amongst other things, his travels about Europe.

A few months later I saw this really slick video on 120 Minutes (MTV2 Europe) and loved it, but didn’t make the connection for quite a while. A short while after seeing the video I got my hands on his album City and Eastern Songs (from which this track is taken), and I really took to it.

This guy is slick I tells ya! SLICK!


So, how do you like your eggs in the morning?

Let me count the ways…


Wanna Have An Adventure?

This is exactly what happened to me at work yesterday.

Somebody help me!





Science has been cancelled…


…because your parents prefer to believe in magic. Big Fat Whale (with thanks to Leo).