Sex In The Big Shitty

I never get over how incredibly fucking crap Sex in the City is. Let me count the ways;

  • remedial storylines
  • truly hateful people
  • cliche laid upon cliche
  • ugly people (personality-wise)
  • absolute absence of comedy
  • Ho-ass biotchs!
  • tacky fashion / whore style
  • absolute absence of style / class
  • slutty slut sluts
  • reprehensible people
  • offensive caricatures / stereotypes
  • disgusting people (again personality-wise)
  • incredibly annoying actors / acting
  • they is all witches, yo!

Honestly I could go on, but my gums are bleeding from all the seething and teeth gnashing. You see, it’s playing in the background on my telly box at the moment, and I’m too lazy to change the channel. I am a lazy man. A very lazy man. Lazy man. Lazy.

Back in the 80’s we used to laugh our asses off at American style (think Dynasty, Bon Jovi, etc.) but now these interminably vile harridans are somehow the very essence of chic. It truly is a testament to America’s ability to sell / market shit as shinola. We is all their bitches, yo!