Blogroll Amnesty Day – The Aftermath

sci_ill_mirror.jpgI’ve enjoyed the last couple of days in blogtopia, or blogistan, or wherever it is I am right now. Because of the tireless efforts of others (in particular the noble Swift whose generosity of spirit stands as a lesson for all conservatives) I’ve come into contact with a few blogs that, under normal circumstances I probably wouldn’t have. Some of these include;

  • The Great Endarkenment – which boasts the second greatest blog title in the known universe (although upon closer inspection it seems the title was purloined from someone called Anne).
  • Zippidy Doo Da – was an interesting miscellany, just the way I like it (in particular I really enjoyed this post).
  • Monkeyfister – which boasts, IMHO, the greatest blog title in the known universe, because everyone enjoys fisting monkeys.
  • Bildungblog – a blog full of interesting photos and humorous comments and commentary (like this one for example).
  • Zen Comix – I like comics.
  • The Field Negro – probably my favorite of all the new blogs I’ve discovered over the last few days (try this on for size).
  • d r i f t g l a s s – I like this guy’s style a lot (for example)

And this is just a few examples of what I’ve perused since Sunday.

So, speaking personally, among the beneficial consequences of B.A.D.;

  1. I’ve come into contact with some high-quality blogs sooner than I would have if left to my own devices.
  2. I feel like I’m in some small way part of a community.
  3. As a consequence I feel compelled to be a better blogger; less choleric, more phlegmatic, or sanguine even.

And, again speaking personally, the stark truth I’ve learned about myself and my blog in the wake of B.A.D.;

  1. I have added no one to my blogroll that isn’t already a far more successful blogger than I am.
  2. I hate myself.

All in all quite a humbling experience.


Blogroll Amnesty Day

Where the hell are my manners!

Yesterday, or tomorrow, is the first anniversary of Blogroll Amnesty Day, a dark day in the history of blogtopia.

So in the spirit of remembrance, and out of respect for the Dean of St. Patrick’s and that antipodean marsupial, I’m going to fill my blogroll with as many blogs as I can, until I throw up!



What’s In A Name

waterfowl.jpgRecently my blog was referred to as being “cryptically and somewhat annoyingly named”. I don’t mind telling you this gave me pause (had the person who described it thus not been arguably the greatest blogger in the known, and doubtless unknown, universe I wouldn’t have thought twice about it), but I had to admit he was right. So I decided to rename it.

A number of options were suggested;

  1. The Life and Opinions Of Cannibal Jerry, Gentleman
  2. Capital 7
  3. Grooming For Fun And Profit
  4. I H8 U
  5. Donkey Rhubarb
  6. Robot Penis
  7. Bit-Fiddling
  8. “which one is the elephant?”
  9. Centuries Of Meditation

But in the end I went for a shortened version of what it was already called (also removing the typos which I’d become so fond of). Ta-Da!

Welcome to a new era of blogging. The universe will never be the same again.



My good friend Leo asked me recently for a few political blog / blogger recommendations, and I did duly tender him with a list, but I neglected to mention one of the most important of them all; The News Blog / Steve Gilliard.

Sadly Steve passed away last June, but his legacy survives. For anyone unfamiliar but interested in the writing of a “a combative and influential blogger on the left“, a recent post on The Group News Blog (The Writings of Steve Gilliard — 101) simplifies the task of locating his work considerably.

The first comment from the above post;

Looks like I’ll be busy cruising the “Intertubes”. A PDF of all his writings would be quite a project, anybody thought of that?

That gives me an idea


Steve Gilliard, 1966-2007

Steve Gilliard, 1966-2007