The Half-Remarkable Question

I started thinking about Robin, Clive and Mike earlier tonight after a conversation. These guys have been firm favourites of mine since my teenage years. For more than 20 years (that’s right, I’m a really old phuquer).

This video I dedicate to ThePoliticalCat.


One Comment on “The Half-Remarkable Question”

  1. Many thanks, oh Great Gargantua. I can’t imagine why it never occurred to me that YouTube would have clips of ISB performing. Mike Heron looks so much older there, Robin Williamson, ageless.

    Regrettably, after putting The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter on my computer some ages ago, I pulled it out of the DVD player and stuck it between the pages of some book, being too slack-arsed to actually get out of my chair and go looking for the sleeve and jewelcase, don’t you know. Feckin’ eejit that I am. Deity only knows where the feckin’ thing’s buggered off to since, and now I shall sit here all envious that you’ll be spendin’ the night listening to that divine music, while I pour another glass of some amber or gold and liquidate my evil thoughts, as it were.

    No I’m not Irish, though I often wished I were, most notably when I was last in Galway, in the very Gaeltacht itself, and went to look at the ocean, leaning off a cliff to see that it was as blue as an Irish eye. But you’re not far wrong thinking that we might share a common turn of phrase. I was born and raised in, as the English love to say, “a former colony.” And not the American one either.

    It gives me great pleasure – and I shall remain always indebted to Skippy and Jon Swift – to have found you, old fellow. Feel free to write me at [you know the name] at gmail dot com.

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