Bearded Revolutionary Who Laughed In America’s Face

Castro steps down as Cuban leader
Fidel Castro resigns as president
Bearded revolutionary who laughed in America’s face
Weird and wonderful: the facts about Fidel Castro
Castro resigns as Cuban president
Castro: his last battle

Although the Cold War is frozen in the past, the era […] is not a closed chapter. More people across the Latin American sub-continent are looking to the Cuban leader for inspiration than ever before, as popular – and especially young – opinion swings against the United States. But the world’s most instantly recognisable leader, who has left his iconographic mark on history, is about to enter the Pantheon of memory.

Huzzah! It seems that, in the case of Cuba, the application of sanctions and exercising of patience does work after all!


p.s. did I mention how much I love Jon Swift?

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