The Bard Of The Prison Shank

“Prison ain’t so bad. You can make sangria in the terlet. ‘Course it’s shank or be shanked.”

A few minutes ago, while in mid IM conversation with a fellow engineer, I recalled this line from Futurama (the best cartoon of the last 20 years or more). I laughed out loud, and promptly stuck it on my Twitter (a wonderfully pointless web app). The quotation is both informative and pragmatic. It speaks of the life of incarceration as one of harsh conditions, and necessity, but not without it’s simple pleasures. As truth-laden as anything sung by The Man in Black. I don’t mind telling you that my impression of gaol has altered substantially since first hearing Scruffy’s sage words.


It occurs to me that Scruffy hasn’t received the recognition his laconic genius demands. So to part-remedy this I dedicate this post to the noble bard of the prison shanking. Please join with me in saluting Scruffy. Truly a man of the future.


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