I’ve been playing City and Eastern Songs in the car quite a bit of late. My daughter Lauren has really taken to it too; she sings along to Williamsburg Will Oldham Horror with verve and gusto as we drive around the shitty of Nublid. The other day she asked me who Will Oldham was and, after I told her a little about him, she insisted on listening to his music. Luckily for me (because she can get a little tetchy if she doesn’t get her way) I had one of his albums in the car. Soon she was singing along to Idle Hands are the Devil’s Playthings. Would she lose interest in me as easily I wondered…

Like sponges I tell thee!


It’s The Evolution, Stupid!

Happy birthday Charles, or D-Money as he was known to his pals.


Six Years Of Lawlessness And Barbarity

US accused of using ‘kangaroo court’ to try men accused of role in September 11 attacks
Fair trial pledge to 9/11 accused
Guantánamo six will have fair trials, insists Chertoff

It’s an election year; bring on the show trial!

The United States military announced yesterday that it was bringing death penalty charges against Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and five other men suspected of orchestrating the September 11 attacks, and intended to try them under the Bush administration’s much-criticised military tribunal system, which is subject only to partial oversight by the civilian appeals system.

To be broadcast live on Fox News…

The decision to use Mohammed and the others as guinea-pigs in a constitutionally dubious legal proceeding is likely to trigger a firestorm of anti-American sentiment in the Islamic world and spark a fractious domestic debate in an already highly charged presidential election year.

Seems to me that a better way to test the water would be to have a show trial in 24…

“What we are looking at is a series of show trials by the Bush administration that are really devoid of any due process considerations,” said Vincent Warren, the executive director head of Centre for Constitutional Rights, which represents many Guantanamo detainees. “Rather than playing politics the Bush administration should be seeking speedy and fair trials,” he said. “These are trials that are going to be based on torture as confessions as well as secret evidence. There is no way that this can be said to be fair especially as the death penalty could be an outcome.”

Fair and balanced…

Speaking to the Washington Post, Vincent Warren, the executive director of the Centre for Constitutional Rights, which has represented many of the Guantánamo detainees, said the cases were “essentially show trials”. He said: “They are being used to justify six years of lawlessness and barbarity this government has been doing.”

The rogue states…

“Possibly putting someone to death based on evidence obtained through water-boarding, or after prolonged periods of sleep deprivation while being forced into painful stress positions, is not the answer,” said Jennifer Daskal, a lawyer for Human Rights Watch.

But it makes for compelling TV. America loves a lynching…

But Chertoff told the BBC there would be “full due process and defence lawyers and all of the fundamental rights that would bring to justice those [who] were responsible for one of the worst war crimes in world history“.

But the September 11th attacks occurred in peacetime, so Chertoff must be referring to the war crimes being committed currently in Iraq and Afghanistan. I wonder are these show trials actually intended for Bush, etc? i.e. is what Chertoff said an admission of guilt?

The Bush administration appears to believe that, politically at least, it can win the argument by stirring up the country’s emotions about the worst peacetime attack on its own soil.

The Bush Junta admits to engaging in demagoguery. As it was in the beginning, is now, and forever shall be.