A Completely Different Kettle Of Fish

Into the Mind of Nubian Mindz

Well I’m not going to say drum & bass is dead because there are some artists who still sell very well and dj all over the globe but jungle, it’s ideas, attitude & ethos are well and truly gone. That whole ‘black’ influence on the music from guys like Ibiza Records, Production House, (early) Formation Records, (early) Full Cycle, Tom & Jerry and Shut up and Dance has completely disappeared , unfortunately.

Ain’t it the truth. Very interesting interview (good work Aidano). I confess I’m not very familiar with this guy’s work, having long since fallen out of touch with many genres of electronic music over the last few years (what can I say… I’m old), but this guy sounds very interesting, and after reading this interview I’m going to make a real effort to get my hands on as much of his music as I can.

And by the way, just in case you don’t know who Shut Up And Dance are, check this out;

In my world Philip ‘PJ’ Johnson and Carl ‘Smiley’ Hyman inhabit the same space as Don Glenn Vliet, Antonio Hardy, Roger Keith Barrett, Aaron Freeman and Mickey Melchiondo, William Michael Griffin Jr., Mark Edward Smith, Miles Dewey Davis III, to name but a few.

Oh, how I love music.



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