What’s In A Name

waterfowl.jpgRecently my blog was referred to as being “cryptically and somewhat annoyingly named”. I don’t mind telling you this gave me pause (had the person who described it thus not been arguably the greatest blogger in the known, and doubtless unknown, universe I wouldn’t have thought twice about it), but I had to admit he was right. So I decided to rename it.

A number of options were suggested;

  1. The Life and Opinions Of Cannibal Jerry, Gentleman
  2. Capital 7
  3. Grooming For Fun And Profit
  4. I H8 U
  5. Donkey Rhubarb
  6. Robot Penis
  7. Bit-Fiddling
  8. “which one is the elephant?”
  9. Centuries Of Meditation

But in the end I went for a shortened version of what it was already called (also removing the typos which I’d become so fond of). Ta-Da!

Welcome to a new era of blogging. The universe will never be the same again.


2 Comments on “What’s In A Name”

  1. Red Leeroy says:

    I cant believe you changed it. Although Swift cannot be ignored.

    I suggest you call it TheSwiftlyChangedBlog,

    or maybe something simple like “The Turgid Semi……..Colon”.


  2. conkave says:

    Personally Penis & Vagina would have done it for me.

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