Freedom Of Expression

kursk_woman.jpgAngry Kursk relative drugged
Needling authority

The events of yesterday reminded me of the Kursk submarine tragedy;

The Russian authorities have been filmed apparently using a sedative to silence a particularly vocal critic among angry relatives of the Kursk sailors.

In Russia they use sedatives to silence critics, in America they use tasers. No, don’t get up America, it’s only a commercial.

Images of the incident have been broadcast and published throughout the world. They show the young blonde woman – the mother of one of the sailors who died horribly in the Kursk submarine – screaming her angry comments at Ilya Klebanov, the deputy prime minister in charge of investigating the disaster. An officer tries, without success, to calm the woman, before a nurse slides into the picture, clearly holding a hypodermic syringe. Moments later, the blond woman slumps to the ground, before being helped to a chair.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are entering a new phase. Exciting isn’t it?


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