Kucinich vs Paul

300px-dennis_kucinich_as_mayor_of_cleveland.jpg Why Kucinich And Not Ron Paul

Ron Paul doesn’t support impeachment. Dennis Kucinich sponsored legislation for impeachment.

Ron Paul doesn’t support 911 Truth and even worse implies that the government’s version of 911 is true. Dennis Kucinich supports investigating 911.

Dennis Kucinich supports not-for-profit healthcare. Paul supports free market healthcare based on the ability to pay.

Ron Paul wants to eliminate all federal taxation. Dennis Kucinich wants to shift the tax burden to wealthy persons and corporations.

Ron Paul supports the neoliberal free market agenda of free trade, deregulation of business, and privatization of public assets. Dennis Kucinich supports fair trade.

Ron Paul falsely claims that lower taxes benefit all of us but this is false because different types of taxes affect different portions of the population. If you lower a regressive tax like the payroll tax then it benefits the poor and middle classes but not the wealthy. If you lower a progressive tax like a tax on corporate profits, capital gains tax, or federal estate tax then this benefits wealthy individuals and corporations but not the poor and middle classes. Paul also falsely states that lower taxes create jobs which is that trickle down economics crap that Ronald Reagan promoted which proved to be false. Paul also states that lower taxes allow us to make more decisions for ourselves about our lives which is only true if he’s talking about regressive taxes that affect the poor and middle classes. Paul also falsely implies that all we have to do is cut spending and we”ll avoid economic disaster.

Ron Paul also wants to deport every single undocumented immigrant. Paul shamelessly exploits 911 for his anti-immigrant agenda when he says a number of 9/11 terrorists had expired visas when he knows full well there were no 911 terrorists and that the attack was really a controlled demolition. Kucinich wants to grant permanent legal residence to immigrants living in the US for 5 or more years and conditional legal status and work authorization to all law abiding immigrants living in the US for less than 5 years.

Ron Paul opposes the International Criminal Court where he justifies it by saying the ICC wants to try our soldiers as war criminals and that they are a threat to our independence as a nation. Well I say if our soldiers commit war crimes then they should be prosecuted as war criminals. The ICC is no threat to our independence as a nation. The only reason for anyone to oppose the ICC is to prevent international criminals from being brought to justice. Paul falsely claims that the jihadists are our direct enemies. Paul also falsely claims that our reason for going to war was a UN resolution. The UN had nothing to do with why our country went to war. Oil is the reason why our country went to war but Paul doesn’t mention this and instead blames the UN to support his anti-UN agenda.

Paul is also an anti-abortion fanatic. Paul wants to redefine life as beginning at conception. I guess he wants to throw any woman who has an abortion in jail. Paul also wants to overturn Roe vs Wade. Paul claims federal court tyranny has caused the deaths of 45 million of the unborn. His statement is an oxymoron. You can’t die if you’ve never been born. Paul is trying to impose his religious beliefs on those who don’t share them. Kucinich used to be against a woman’s right to have an abortion but his views on the issue changed several years ago and now he’s a strong defender of a woman’s right to choose.

Kucinich discusses 88 different issues on his website. Paul only discusses 10 topics on his website.

Jeez, you think you know someone…



21 Comments on “Kucinich vs Paul”

  1. Good article. Kucinich is the man.

  2. Afi K. James says:

    I’m sorry, but ron paul is the ulitmate candidate, we need to get out of the UN, Because they are are a part of the New World Order, I Oppose all so-called free trade organizations, all of them has to go immediately.

  3. Brian says:

    Stopped reading here: “when he knows full well there were no 911 terrorists and that the attack was really a controlled demolition.”

    Oh brother.

  4. Ben says:

    Ron Paul does NOT want to put women in jail for getting an abortion. Also, Dr. Paul believes it’s up to the states to decide if you can get an abortion. He doesn’t support any federal gov’t intervention whatsoever.

  5. Katarina says:

    It seems like your biassed opinions against Ron Paul are focused on his basic belief in the free market, so maybe if you would do a little research on economics and how taxes are in fact a burden, you would see some truth. Also, the beauty of Ron Paul is that although he has beliefs against abortion, he is leaving it up to the states. This man has delivered a lot of babies. I think that he knows what he is talking about.

    Kucinich seems like a good guy, but sometimes it takes more than advocating peace to keep a nation strong.

  6. g4rg4ntu4 says:

    Jeez! If you look closely you’ll see that the above post was mostly composed of an excerpt from a referenced article, and the opinions expressed are not my own. You’ll find a link to the original article at the top of the post.

    Look at the other posts relating to Ron Paul on this humble blog and you’ll see I’m actually quite sympathetic towards him.


  7. Ashley says:

    People who support Ron Paul are crazy. Go Kucinich!

  8. g4rg4ntu4 says:

    Not sure I agree with your assertion that “People who support Ron Paul are crazy”, but I do agree that the Paultards aren’t doing him any favours.


  9. Mick Russom says:

    Authoritarians take guns from you.

    Kucinich is a gun grabber.

    After Kucinich, the disarmed population will be ripe for takeover. Be careful when supporting gun grabbers, that is one of the worst civil rights violations imaginable.

    ‘Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest. Ghandhi

    “If someone has a gun and is trying to kill you, it would be reasonable to shoot back with your own gun.” The Dalai Lama

    Talk to tibetians what its like to be murdered by the Chinese that forbid guns for self defense.

  10. Don’t forget other things like Hitler was a Democratically Elected Socialist and Kucinich Supports Socialism, Gun Regulation, a Police State and Taxing People for Services they don’t Use.

    Hitler disarmed Germany then went on a Killing Spree.
    All of Hitlers Points that Got him Elected to Chancellor, Weirdly, are Identical to those of Kucinich.

    Things that Make you go Hmmm…

    The European Union is Adolph’s Dream Come True. Is that what Dennis means by Fair Trade? After all that’s what sold the Members of the EU into joining.

  11. James says:

    Um… Kucinich is ANTI-SECOND AMENDMENT.

    Vote Kucinich for Tyranny.

    Vote Ron Paul for the Constitution!

  12. required says:

    Kucinich is a proggressive. i’m guessing most of you arguing agaisnt gun regulation don’t own guns yourself.

    the great thing about this man is that he actually believes in peace. not everyone will understand where he’s coming from, but comparing what he plans to do with what Hitler did is absurd. i’m not going to lecture anyone about why he’s the right choice, but would rather suggest reading up on both of the candidates before drawing hasty and unreferenced conclusions.

  13. James' says:

    This has got to be the most biased critique of the man I have ever seen.

    Paul believes in the constitution, Kucinich doesn’t.

    And I’m no Ron Paul supporter either.


  14. angie says:

    Kucinich all the way!

  15. Oleksiy says:

    Thank you for clarifying were Kucinich stands – the foreign policy seems to be the only thing they share. But sorry, even in this biased article, Ron Paul sounds much better than Kucinich.

  16. Ronbot says:

    Hey everyone! Vote for Pon Raul because he is the best ever! If you vote for him your mom won’t die of cancer. omg he is teh best, vote for him for freedom! Fuck all those liberals they want to take away your rights fuck them all vote for Pon Raul vote for him now omg now now now now go vote now now.

  17. Oh geez. I have to admit to being partial to The Mighty Munchkin of Justice, myself. Fortunately, this is an old post, and no one will ever notice this comment. We hope.

  18. berrybunches says:

    JFK was the first president to endorse trickle down economics. Lets face it all the taxes on businesses and the rich owners are forcing them to move their corporations overseas.

  19. Judge Mental says:

    Whoever pieced together this article is clearly a communist who has no idea about our constitution. As much as I applaud Kucinich for his articles of impeachemt, he would run our country into the ground economically if he ever became an effective president. We need to stop looking at party adgendas and refer to the adgenda of the constitution, which never provides for a welfare state, never provides for an unapportioned income tax, and never supports amnesty for illegal aliens. The reason this article denounces free markets is because its writer has never lived in a time where the free market was not regulated by the government. It is a free market in name alone. A true Free Market, when in full bloom, regulates itself. Everyone benefits when a Free Market economy is truly being followed. It also handles the Free Trade/Fair Trade issue under its own system, leaving the government out of it. Why do you think people are moving their businesses overseas? Becaue it is cheaper and easier to start up a business elswhere where the government has little or no regulation over the business.

    Liberty and Freedom are the two factors that should drive all aspects of a society. Dennis Kucinich is trying to expose the president for his crimes, fine. But he is far from presidential material.

  20. Simulation says:

    Call us ‘PaulTards’ all you want.. our Fathers made a Perfect Plan for the Perfect Nation, which is known as the Constitution.. the only reason we’re going down the wrong (repeated) path, is because we’re ever so slowly lurking away from that Plan.

  21. Psychopathic conspiracy theorist solipsistic truth-relativist defamer-of-cause-of-fighting-state-power-by-mere-participation simplistic economically-retarded WINDBAG

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