Yo Blair!

Nuke The Afghans
Blair knew US had no post-war plan for Iraq

In a documentary to be screened this Saturday (23rd of June) we will witness a wonderfully cynical attempt by some of Blair’s closest allies to paint his involvement in the war of terror is a positive light;

Tony Blair feared George Bush would “nuke the s**t” out of Afghanistan in revenge for 9/11, a sensational documentary will claim this week.

As did we all;

“Blair’s real concern was that there would be quote unquote ‘a kneejerk reaction’ by the Americans… they would go thundering off and nuke the s**t out of the place without thinking straight.”

How prescient of Blair. I know a kneejerk reaction from the Americans seems a little out of character, but nonetheless, aside from the “nuke the s**t out of the place” bit, all of the above has come to pass;

In Channel 4’s candid two-part documentary The Rise and Fall of Tony Blair, Mr Meyer claims the threat explains why the Prime Minister vowed to stand “shoulder-to-shoulder” with Bush over the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan – to thwart his allguns blazing battle plan.

So it seems we were wrong to see Blair as little more than the snarling, warmongering lapdog of the first great 21st century genocide artist / artists. After all he was merely trying to protect all of us (Atlas-like) from Bush’s allguns blazing plan. What a cross to bear for such a Christ-like man;

Tony Blair agreed to commit British troops to battle in Iraq in the full knowledge that Washington had failed to make adequate preparations for the postwar reconstruction of the country. In a devastating account of the chaotic preparations for the war, which comes as Blair enters his final full week in Downing Street, key No 10 aides and friends of Blair have revealed the Prime Minister repeatedly and unsuccessfully raised his concerns with the White House. He also agreed to commit troops to the conflict even though President George Bush had personally said Britain could help ‘some other way’.

So he was offered an out, and chose not to take it. Maybe Bush called him a chicken…

‘Obviously more attention should have been paid to what happened after, to the planning and what we would do once Saddam had been toppled,’ Mandelson tells The Observer’s chief political commentator, Andrew Rawnsley, who presents the documentary. ‘But I remember him saying at the time: “Look, you know, I can’t do everything. That’s chiefly America’s responsibility, not ours.”‘ Mandelson then criticises his friend: ‘Well, I’m afraid that, as we now see, wasn’t good enough.’.

“Look, you know, I can’t do everything.”; may this become Blair’s legacy.


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