Neal Adams


Neal Adams is one of the most respected artists in the business. His style was way ahead of it’s time. Way ahead. I remember learning to draw hands by copying his examples (as aspiring artists would in the past copy the works of the Renaissance masters). His run, with Roy Thomas, on the X-Men was mind blowing, and in my opinion was the standout Marvel comic of the time, but sadly it didn’t last very long (the comic was canceled shortly after his run, and reduced to a reprint comic). He also contributed to The Avengers (Kree-Skrull War) and a couple of issues of The Mighty Thor. He moved to DC in the early 70s where he also worked on some of their stand out titles at the time, including, amongst others, Batman and the Green Lantern/Green Arrow series.

But for me, those few X-Men comics are the work I will remember him for the most. He wasn’t as prolific as Kirby, but he was just as influential as Steranko. A truly modern comic book artist.



One Comment on “Neal Adams”

  1. Charles Adams says:

    I never understood why Green Lantern was such a wussy character in this story?
    If that had been me when the old black man came up and starts whining I’d have told him to just stop and think for a moment that every effing time G.L. saved the frigging Earth wasn’t he DOING SOMETHING for the damn blacks? Where was Guy Gardner when they needed him anyway?

    What the hell did old Uncle Remus expect Hal Jordan was supposed to do? Play his flipping mortgage or fly him to a topless beach so he could walk skinny white bitches in the south of France?

    Oh to be an easily intimidated white liberal in the ’70s

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