The enemy of our enemy…

U.S. arming Sunnis in Iraq to battle old Qaeda allies
US arms Sunni dissidents in risky bid to contain al-Qaida fighters in Iraq
Putting out fire with gasoline

US says Iran arming Sunni groups
US warns Iran over arming Iraqis

Cast your minds back a few months ago;

The US military has for the first time accused Iran of arming Sunni militants fighting in Iraq. Sunni militants are being armed with Iranian-made munitions, US military spokesman Maj Gen William Caldwell told reporters in Baghdad.

This seemed quite unlikely to anyone with even the merest knowledge of the Middle East and Islam.

“There are groups that are receiving training in Iran with the most modern weapons and munitions that are available and then being smuggled into Iraq and being utilised by these groups against the Iraqi security force and coalition forces,” he said. “That required some very skilled training to be able to use them and employ them like they were being used.”

These days your average American liar lacks integrity, gravity, believability, all those things that put America at the forefront of the global lying scene. American politics is crying out for someone of the stature Richard Nixon or Henry Kissinger (both of whom are regarded as among the greatest examples of the classic American liar).

The US has called on Iran to stop arming militants in Iraq at the first bilateral public talks between the two countries in almost 30 years.

Who is actually arming the Sunni insurgents?

The US military has embarked on a new and risky strategy in Iraq by arming Sunni insurgents in the hope that they will tackle the extremist al-Qaida in Iraq.

The same Sunni insurgents that have been making short work of the US military. The surge is working! Mission accomplished!

The US high command this month gave permission to its officers on the ground to negotiate arms deals with local leaders. Arms, ammunition, body armour and other equipment, as well as cash, pick-up trucks and fuel, have already been handed over in return for promises to turn on al-Qaida and not attack US troops.

Take these guns. Please don’t shoot us.

Major General Rick Lynch, a senior US commander in Iraq, insisted no weapons would be given to insurgents who had attacked Americans. “We have not crossed that line,” he said. The US said it would use fingerprinting, retinal scans and other tests to establish whether insurgents had been involved in fighting against American troops.

Because the Sunni insurgents conveniently offered up biometric data between skirmishes with the US military.

But a reliable witness to a meeting this month between US forces and insurgents in the Sunni stronghold of Amadiya, in Baghdad, expressed scepticism about the strategy. Far from being a popular uprising against al-Qaida, only a handful of armed men turned up. The US handed over ammunition to them. The witness said that US soldiers watching the handover were dismissive, seeing it as a stunt.

It’s no stunt. America are arming the same Sunni insurgents they claimed Iran were arming. They are supporting the Sunni insurgents. They are sponsoring the Sunni insurgents. I wonder are the Sunni insurgents also terrorists?

The Pentagon insisted the latest strategy was not recognition that president George Bush’s “surge” policy had failed. All of the extra 30,000 US troops ordered by Mr Bush in January to Baghdad and Anbar province, one of the centres of the violence, had only just been fully deployed and it was too early to judge it.

Who believes this? Apart from the great American unintelligentsia…

The US military in Baghdad is trying to portray the move as arming disenchanted Sunnis who are rising up in their neighbourhoods against their former allies, al-Qaida and its foreign fighters. But the reality on the ground is more complex, with little sign that the US will be able to control the weapons once they are handed over. The danger is that the insurgents could use these weapons against American troops or in the civil conflict against Shia Muslims. Similar efforts by the US in other wars have backfired, the most spectacular being the arming of guerrillas against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.

Take these guns. Please shoot us.

The arming of the Sunnis could be a crucial ingredient in the new recipe for civil war – as if there wasn’t enough around for that anyway.

America heart civil war in Iraq. America heart Oil. America heart profits at any cost. America heart war.



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