George Herriman

OK, I’m still on a comic tip. Actually I’m always on a comic tip.

Ah, the thankless life of a comic book obsessive; from time to time (say for example while reading a classic Steranko edition, or the latest Acme Novelty Library) I recall, when in my early teens, long before the days of graphic novels and such like, having to defend comics on a daily basis. How times have changed. These days you only have to scratch you ear to find a comic advocacy group.

So I’ve requisitioned a room and labeled it “The Greatest Comic Artists in the Universe”. And where is this room you ask? Why it is everywhere and nowhere. Or perhaps it’s beside my downstairs toilet, the little room where I keep the coats and vacuum cleaner. Or maybe it’s my mate Leo’s attic. The location of the room is not important.

And what do you intend to do with this room you also ask? To this room I have invited the following people; Jack “The King” Kirby, Jim Woodring, and, of course, George Herriman. But there are more on the way. Meanwhile, for your pleasure, I present some Krazy Kat, which is perhaps my very favourite comic of all.



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