Richard Perle says he has nothing to apologise for.

No regrets
We had the very best of intentions

We should have handed political authority in Iraq to an interim Iraqi government the day Baghdad fell. With the best of intentions, though, we embarked on an ill-conceived and catastrophically flawed occupation aimed at bringing a decent, representative government to the long-suffering Iraqis.

We didn’t know how to do that. By trying, and failing, we unwittingly provided the ground for a horrific insurgency which began to develop after several months of occupation.

Here we see Perle admitting that he, and the current administration, are clueless, and are apt to making bad decisions.

We did not go into Iraq to impose representative government on the Iraqis. We went there to manage a threat to our own safety. But now that we are there we are trying to help an elected government achieve a level of safety for its citizens that will allow to function.

Here we see Perle demonstrating he is a Liar! The Prince of Darkness is a Liar! Of course most informed people know the real reason you went illegally into Iraq, and it wasn’t to “impose representative government”, or to “manage a threat to our own safety” for that matter.

For Perle, it seems, war is something that happens to other people. It is also a condition about which ordinary mortals – those not privy to classified reports and reliant on newspapers and television for information – may not necessarily be qualified to hold an opinion.

Would that a war would happen to Richard Perle. Couldn’t somebody offer this fine example of humanity an all-expenses paid trip to Baghdad?

After absolving the intellectuals who planted the seeds of war, and the civilians who were instrumental in its planning, Perle turns his ire on General Tommy Franks, the former commander of forces in Iraq. Among Franks’s greatest blunders, Perle says, was his failure to stop the looting that erupted the day the regime fell. “The looting was just a serious and inexplicable mistake, made I believe principally by Franks and the military on the ground,” he says. “I have, I concede, a low regard for Franks. I think he is a fool, and I thought that the first time I met him.”

I really enjoy seeing these neocon intellectuals (an oxymoron?) fall over themselves to wash their hands of this nightmare they have created. A great idea, but poorly executed, they claim. Or “It was all General Tommy Franks’ fault” in the case of Perle. Contrary to their belief, they cannot absolve themselves of responsibility of this catastrophe. Just as the Democrats, elected on an anti-war ticket, cannot now claim the ongoing illegal occupation of Iraq isn’t their’s (as much as Bush’s), having become it’s facilitator / financier. Just as the American people cannot pass the buck and shirk responsibility for the actions of their democratically elected government. Because the American people did not do enough to end this global nightmare. I can see an “I was only following orders” moment in the not-to-distant future.

The con in neocon is short for convict.


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