The perfect storm is gathering.

This perfect storm will finally destroy the neocon project

One of the comments from the above article;

There’s plenty of Anti-Americanism in America too, particularly south of the Rio Grande, where the historic memory isn’t exactly one of Uncle Sam riding down to get rid of those pesky tyrants and spread the good lord’s words about ‘democracy’… but rather setting up such tyrants in the first place, along with military training schools to teach their soldiers and henchmen about the right place on people’s bodies to connect electrodes, or how long a man’s head can be held under water without killing him, or the joys of gang raping, and how whole populations can be terrorised into due submissiveness and subservience. A neocon’s dream, so to speak.

However, if we really wish to understand the inherent violence and reactionary culture of the United States, we need look no further than Europe itself, for it was from these lands than most of its powerful elite originally descended, and it would seem to have been the most perverse and backward part of European mentality that crossed the Atlantic and fostered what has since become the most vicious, egocentric and sexually perverted society the planet has ever witnessed. This is not to say that all US citizens are ‘evil doers’ – but certainly the dominant trend is not a healthy one, and serves more than anything to underline that old maxim about the corruption of power.

Indeed it does.