Incompetent or intellectually challenged?

We’ll have to talk to militants, says US chief in Iraq
General urges Iraq militant talks
2,200 US military police to join Iraq ‘surge’
US approves more troops for Iraq

The top US general in Iraq says the military alone cannot provide a solution to the country’s conflict.

Top US generals learn a lot more slowly than the rest of the world.

Gen Petraeus said: “There is no military solution to a problem like that in Iraq, to the insurgency of Iraq. Military action is necessary to help improve security… but it is not sufficient. There needs to be a political aspect.”

Eh… Did I hear you correctly? Is this an earnest admission, or an all-too-typically cynical attempt, from an all-too-typically cynical and inept military, to seek a solution to a problem they created through their incompetence? Is it a strategy designed to merely buy time and forestall the inevitable?

Gen Petraeus said: “It’s too early to discern significant trends, but there have been a few encouraging signs.”

and elsewhere;

I think that we expected that there would be in the short-term an increase in violence as the surge began to make itself felt,” Mr Gates said, adding there were other “very preliminary positive signs” the security plan was working.

And here’s where you furnish us with examples of these positive, or encouraging, signs.

“Car bombs have targeted hundreds of Iraqis,” Petraeus said. He also denounced the wave of other attacks, including the “thugs with no soul” who have killed more than 150 Shiite pilgrims in the past three days.

Yes, yes. We read the news. Question: what do you mean by soul? Question: are you a man of god, or do you believe in the unifying power of a type of American popular music? Question: who exactly are the thugs with no soul?

However he admitted “sensational attacks inevitably will continue“.

Sensational! Spectacular! Explosions! Guns! Profits! Sex! Murder! Sequels!

He said US and Iraqi forces must “control the demons responsible for the vicious sectarian violence of the past year – demons who have torn at the very fabric of Iraqi society“.

Behold! An example of the American school of rhetoric in full flow… Such demagoguery! Such bombastic, high-flown, prose! Such poverty of meaning! Such biblical references! Such invention… Such calculated deception.

The demons responsible? Why that would be you guys. The US military. Please restrain yourselves. And by the way, you’ve failed. Sit at the front of the class with the other special students.


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