Laugh at the Ignorant AmeriKKKans, Part the Third

It just gets better and better.

Thank you, oh deluded ones…


Laugh at the Ignorant AmeriKKKans, Part Deux

You can’t make this stuff up.


Laugh at the Ignorant AmeriKKKans

Ignorance is what I fear the most…

I don’t know what is more insane; the answers given, or the comments made by the ignorant AmeriKKKans, or the level of journalism in this CNN report. Either way, it’s pretty depressing and damning. I blame their parents.

Nothing a good dose of eugenics wouldn’t remedy.


The Proof!

How thoughtful of the Iranian weapons manufacturers to print a date from the Gregorian calendar, instead of from the Persian calendar, on this mortar round. We wouldn’t want to confuse the great unwashed American people’s tiny little minds…

All this talk of Iran supplying sophisticated munitions to Shia insurgents is designed to obscure a few important facts, like for example;

“The statements from Washington give the impression that the US has been at war with Shia militias for the past three-and-a-half years while almost all the fighting has been with the Sunni insurgents.”

and let’s not forget;

“Many people will not distinguish between the Shia militias that Iran is said to supply – and which have ties to the Iraqi government – and the Sunni insurgents who have been the cause of much of the violence. The allegedly Iranian supplied bombs are said to have caused the deaths of 170 American soldiers, but overall 2497 soldiers have been killed in hostile incidents, most of them at hands of the Sunnis. The claim serves the purpose of helping to lay the blame for the whole insurgency at Iran’s door.”

2497 – 170 = 2327. And as most of us outside of the good ol’ U S of A know, 2327 > 170.

Fucking liars!