Religion Fever, or "God told me to skin you alive…"

Hi, my name is Insane Phuquer, and I’m an evangelical broadcaster. I’d like to share with you a conversation I had with my good friend The God yesterday. Below is a rough transcription of what went down;

The God
“Insane Phuquer! I’d like to inform you about a wonderful smiting I will perform in the near future.”
Insane Phuquer
“Oh yeah? Tell me more…”
The God
“I was thinking of something nuclear… in a major urban area… many casualties… lets say NYC?”
Insane Phuquer
“Oh yeah… smite them preverts and liberals… smite ’em good…”
The God
“Insane Phuquer… are you masturbating?”
Insane Phuquer
“But The God, surely you can tell…”
The God

Or something like that… Thus spaketh The God. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a pressing concern to attend to / get intimate with. Peace out!

I.P. (through the agency of J.K.)


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