Death to the Games Industry!

I just saw this link posted on /. and I couldn’t agree more. What has happened to games? What has happened to the game industry? Once a source of so much innovation, now a hollywood-esque nightmare of marketing and PR wank.

I remember back in the day listening to my bro and bro-in-law eulogising about the merits of various games in terms of the game play, the innovation / variation on a theme, etc. This is no longer the case. Kids these days talk about the realism, the violence; incidentals that were previously of little more than novelty value.

It seems the marketing people have won, and the new generation of gamers are a different breed altogether. The new generation of gamer, like the marketing person, doesn’t seem to understand gaming at all.


2 Comments on “Death to the Games Industry!”

  1. bakedpotato says:

    No way dude. Gameplay is everything, but theres nothing more satisfying than blowing a guys head off with PSG Snipers rifle and seeing the blood making a splash over the wall…

    Im still talking about gaming of course! 🙂

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